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C#, ASP.Net Core 3.0, Web API, Entity Framework, CRM, SP, SPD, Micro-services, Windows Services, SQL, Oracle etc.

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Hi-Touch Services LLC, USA


Windows & Web Application, c#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, XML, FTP, Web Services, API, SQL 2008, Amazon AWS market place Service integration, Monsoon API integration, Rakuten (Buy) API integration, eBay.

This application is developed to complete the care of online orders until fulfillment from Amazon, e-Bay, and Buy e-commerce portal. Windows services are responsible to download all new orders in the SQL database, the client can watch and generate a report through the website. Windows service is also responsible to push these orders to the client Navision portal via using web-service. Navision postal service is responsible to send orders to the relevant fulfillment partners. Client order fulfillment partners when received orders, start generating a tracking number of the orders, and tracking details upload on the client SFTP server. Our windows service is again responsible to download orders tracking details and updates on relevant e-commerce portal by the help of API.

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